miércoles, 2 de abril de 2014

OLDCODEX - A Silent, within The Roar [Album] [MP3/320K]

A Silent, within The Roar  / OLDCODEX [Download]
  Release [2014.04.02]
Third album release of the popular group Oldcodex including hit songs used in anime series such as "Arata: The Legend", "Free", "Kuroko no Basket.

 1. reflection
02. Seek your turn
03. Frame in Flame
04. Rage on
05. WALK
06. Landscape
07. wire choir
08. optimistic negative thing
09. Backed out
10. The Misfit Go
11.  How Affection
 OLDCODEX Unplugged Studio Live
01. Stargazer-unplugged-
02. How Affection-unplugged- 

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